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Metamorpha: Glued to the sky


LOL @ her name, i’m actually going with that…when she’s not being a superhero, she’s a monster.



almost human

a charcoal painting..
the feeling of being less than a human…


anze kopitar’s fb picked my art :( i’m gunna die!!!

sold my first artwork!!! can’t believe it. it’s baffling and weird… someone out  there has a print of this thing that i drew…i wonder if it’s hanging on a wall now maybe they’re just using it to scare the bedbugs away or it’s funny :)

p.s. the kings lost :(……

Zombitar, the Skating Dead

half-charcoal/half digital. go kopi go!!!! go slay some sharks in the playoffsss!!!! i’m too excited!!! GO KINGS GOOoooo!!


i mean.. what? lol

to disappoint us! the day of the doctor lived up to the enormous hype and then some!!how dyou do that!!!i was crying the whole second half.,ever since they revealed that the people in the painting were the 3 doctors..epic!!!

the girl and the sparrow

was having a traumatic day and i just wanted to feel calm by depicting dying as something tranquil and peaceful and even beautiful. i wanted to experience that even just by drawing it. in real life, death involves lots of ugly tubes attached to your body, lots of blood and and plenty of pain being left behind. 

drew this while listening to ‘meadowlark’ by fleetfoxes over and over again: "Hummingbird, just let me die Inside the broken ovals of your olive eye. I do believe you gave it your best try. My hummingbird, sing to me." i replaced the hummingbird with a sparrow cuz i like sparrows tho it ended up looking more like a penguin.


my calendar of tales

my illustrations of the 12 tales that neil gaiman wrote for a calendar of tales ermm.. i wanted so badly to complete this but my hand was hurting by the time the deadline was almost up so i missed 3 artworks, may june and sept. it didn’t help that i made extra ones for july and february.. i did end up producing 12 artworks in 11 days which is unprecedented for me. LOL. i am usually slower than a turtle when i’m making art.. anways, i wanted to compile them all to make an actual art calendar just for kicks…….

Secret Sky

from my deviant art page. this is a ‘kawaii world contest’ entry ^_^. here, i was trying to depict my secret kawaii world. wahaha. the 2 creatures are kieby (the cat-like thingy) and pauchu (the thing that looks like a floating dumpling). they’re having a little fight…


"within a dream"

my favorite medium-oils

this illustration was an entry to Deviant Art’s Odyssey II Project. 



Two literary masters: Neil Gaiman and Edgar Allan Poe


"say nevermore"…

Mother ”

from my deviant art page

here, i was trying to depict insanity..